Wildstar Contribute

Capture Overview Spreadsheet! There's a Spreadsheet which contains an Capture overview and priority markers for all the content ingame. Thanks to Vaermina and Count Sodoku for creating it! Check it out.


Right now we need so called "Sniffs" of your Game Sessions of Wildstar. With these Data we can ensure that the a sniffed Ingame-Action can be rebuild in the future.


Required: Arctium Packet Sniffer (prefered) OR! Wireshark Network Tool
Optional: Fixed Jabbithole addon
Optional: Enable combat logging on boss fights


Arctium Packet Sniffer (prefered): Please use the included README.txt
Wireshark: Picture show

Pre-Login Info

Make sure to start the capturing process before logging in, otherwise your capture is rendered useless.

About Addons

You can absolutely use addons while playing. They don't interfere with the data we're curious about.

Capture Upload